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June 30, 2009

Can You Sing at Midnight? Part II

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This particular message was intended to remind us not only to praise Him during times of trial but also it spoke to me that God does not intend for us to be “happy plastic people” tucking it all “privately” away……… I personally suffered “privately” with grace [not] like any decent saint would — HA! sarcasm — for far too long over and over again before I realized that is the most assured path to insanity in which one could take, not to mention probably a kin to purchasing a ticket to hell.

So, regardless of my happiness Or lack of I reach and I share and I’m jest about over “worrying” what the “perfect” among us think of it or me… More than likely they are far too busy being perfect to even think anything of it or me in the 1st place any whom. 😉 Hence we can reach and share and be strengthened as well as strengthen others like the disciples did or we can suffer every small thing solo and sentence ourselves in our own insecurity and paranoia.

One commentary that I have suggest that it is believed the disciples were signing either Psalm 17 or 86. If one were to take a look at these words they were not just shouting Alleluia! to The Lord God Almighty, they were publicly crying out to the Lord and in the process it brought comfort to others who were suffering…

I’ve often found, based not only from public comments in forums but also private communications, that if a song, prayer, or message ministered to an emotional, spiritual, intellectual, [etc.] need of mine that it does the same for others when shared… it aides in strengthening our brothers & sisters again I say [at the expense of being redundant] when shared…… We all need to know [from time to time] that others are having or have had these same feelings or issues. It often helps everyone to grow even if it is just ever so slightly.

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