Can We Talk About That?


HELLO! Nashville, Tennessee Can We Talk About That, Bogroll Readers,

If you are between jobs or looking to make a career change then you will want to read this Nashville Career News worth Knowing post: I’ve just received this exciting News from friend Matt LeBlanc over at the – Nashville Career Transition Group [NCTG] – aka – Career Transition Support Group [CTSG].

Which, by the way, is a ministry that supports individuals who are in between jobs or looking to make a career change. Meetings are on Monday evenings from 6:30pm till 9:00 pm in ROOM 281 (park in far back parking lot and walk up the big steps to the Back Entry) at Brentwood United Methodist Church, 309 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027. Please Feel ENCOURAGED in coming to join others for relevant information, mutual support, and networking!! If you need more information please either visit: Or call/email Mr. LeBlanc at: 615-477-5651 – mleblanc @  Note: For changes in schedule due to weather conditions, the CTSG follows Brentwood Academy closings. NCTG FACILITATORS: Matt LeBlanc, Rick Ross, Ed Condon, Don Pettry, Rick Pritikin, Dorrie Presson and Hal Hassall *THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR ANY OF THE NCTG or CTSG MONDAY NIGHT SERVICES – NOTHING IS CHARGED NOR SOLD At These Meetings – This is a complimentary Career Transition Support Ministry*
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Brentwood Baptist Church sponsors a career – enrichment class on the 2nd Sunday of each month … This is a prayer ministry and a bible study that is specifically for people who are between jobs or looking to make a career change. This group meets the Second Sunday of each month in room 2140-A at 11 am.

Do you feel that you need more spiritual meat in your career? Ever feel that you are trapped in your job or just need some career healing? Are you wondering if God can help you with all of this? The answer is YES!!! You can gain Biblical understandings for a better spiritual foundation for your career/job search. I call it a “Career Prayer Ministry” so that folks won’t confuse it with the Career Transition Support Groups Ministry. For more information, please e-mail bobschmerda @


In Closing I would like to say a Heart Felt THANK YOU! to the NCTG Facilitators for their Selfless and Generous Sharing!! I know that there are many lives touched and changed because of the work that they are doing in our community.

To Your Success-God Bless,
Marilyn Magallanes

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